Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcome to the new The Ponchatoula Times blog

Dear Readers,
Help me here, this is my first blog, part of the all-new web site for The Ponchatoula Times. What would you like to see posted? What are your interests? Can you turn us on to any news, features, or photo opportunities?
Our alligator, Ole Hardhide, writes a page one column every week from his gated pond in the center of Ponchatoula. What does your gator do?
My wife is fighting breast cancer and maybe that's why it seems everyone knows someone who is newly-diagnosed with the Big C. What is your take on that? Is it our air, our water, or what?
How many sufferers from so-called dyslexia actually have Irlen Syndrome, which is easily treatable and can change lives. Are you interested in that?
If anything you read in our newspaper catches your interest, please register your comments here. I want this to be your space.
Bryan T. McMahon
The Ponchatoula Times
May 23, 2008

New blog setup

Hello Bryan